With the promise of high-quality craftsmanship and selection of the finest natural materials, Vi-Spring is undoubtedly the leader in the world of luxury beds.


This explains why Martin and Frost are one of the longest established Vi-Spring retailers in the United Kingdom. Generations of customers have enjoyed selecting from our showroom and have benefited from the unparalleled comfort of hand-tailored beds.  

Peaceful nights start with a bed that cradles your body. The coils in each Vi-Spring pocket mattress react to your every movement - giving head-to-toe support without the pressure and naturally springing back into shape. This is why there is no better bed than a Vi-Spring bed.


Given that you spend a third of your lifetime in bed, it makes sense to take your time when selecting the perfect one. Make time to visit the Vi-Spring showroom at Martin and Frost and sample our selection.

From Mattress’s to Divan Sets & Headboards - Our Ranges include, the Baronet, Herald, Regal, Tiara, Shetland & Sapphire Adjustable Bed.

VISPRING Come With A 30 Year Guarantee

Hand Tailored Luxury Beds Since 1901


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