Skovby - Danish dining furniture combining function & design


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Skovby was founded in Denmark, in 1933, by the cabinetmaker Thorvald Rasmussen, with a vision to create functional and sustainable furniture. Running the workshop single-handedly, he created individual pieces of furniture for local use. After rapidly growing in size, Rasmussen’s workshop 

advanced to exporting its products to discerning customers, within 20 years. Healthy organic growth, with a continued focus on craftsmanship, natural materials and sustainability, are behind the Skovby success. Over 80 years later, the company remains a family business, and the enthusiasm for its continued growth now lies in the hands of the founder’s grandsons.


The driving force, and shared passion, spans three generations of cabinetmakers. Skovby was among the front-runners in functional extension systems for dining tables, and today the furniture company is world-renowned for its talent for combining design and functionality. Skovby’s success may be attributed to their ability to develop designs, which unite strong aesthetic expression with innovative function.


Martin and Frost have worked closely with Skovby, over many years, to ensure that customers in Edinburgh are able to find the beautifully designed dining table to meet their individual requirements. Should you wish to seat four, six, eight, ten or more, this can easily be accommodated. Alternatively, the Skovby 101 table is perfect for smaller spaces, and its special features include: internal storage for bottles, a reversible heat-proof top, the ability to fold into a neat hall table or the ability to extend to seat between 2-6 people.

Our staff are specially trained to advise on all the options available from Skovby, including wood choices, chair selection and fabrics. Skovby also produce sideboards and entertainment furniture, in addition to coffee and lamp tables. Feel free to visit and try the furniture for yourself.