We are the sleep tailors.

For more than 100 years Harrison have been making beds, mattresses and divans of the highest quality, using only the finest materials. Meticulous attention to detail, traditional values of excellence, innovative design, and a unique pocket spring system, means that every bed Harrison create offers you the ultimate sleeping experience.


We love sleep. It keeps us healthy and makes us happy. It has the power to restore us and make us feel human again. Sleep is special, so we don’t think it should come off the shelf — we think it should be tailored to you. That’s why at Harrison Spinks, we don’t just make beds. We make a great night’s sleep

There’s no such thing as a standard person, which is why at Harrison Spinks, there’s no such thing as a standard bed. Outside and in, it’s designed around you, right down to the last stitch. Using natural materials, it’s tailored to the size and firmness that suits you, and upholstered to your taste. It’s more than just a bed, it’s a completely bespoke night’s sleep.

At Martin & Frost we offer the Turn Free – Rotate Only Rosario & Santiago,

Summer/Winter Heligan 11200, Kew 13200, Trebah 16200 & Wisley 18200. The Summer / Winter mattress are double sided and are made of natural ingredients that keep you naturally cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter all you gave to do is flip the mattress over.

Harriosn Beds are Home grown & the only bed maker that manufactures their own fillings Harrisons are a fifth – generation family owned & run business dating back to 1840 when creating a Harrison bed they only use the finest natural ingredients including wool, alpaca ,cashmere and much more.


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